Cute Irish Sports T-Shirts

The cute designs here come from Cute Union and feature a cartoon panda bear playing a variety of sports for the Irish national team. Find the perfect gift for fans of Irish sports!

Ireland Fencing Panda Sweatshirt – This cute panda loves fencing. Panda has his foil ready for a fencing match! This cute fencing panda shirt with a large flag of Ireland is... View on Zazzle
Ireland Weightlifting Panda T-Shirt – This cute bodybuilding panda loves weightlifting. He stands in front of a large flag of Ireland. Look how easy he lifts that heavy barbell loaded with... View on Zazzle
Ireland Tennis Panda T-Shirt – This adorable little panda loves to get out on the court and hits some balls. Panda plays in front of a large flag of Ireland. This... View on Zazzle
Ireland Kayaking Panda T-Shirt – This darling little panda bear is too cute! Panda is splashing though the water in his kayak! This adorable design is perfect for kayakers. Support the... View on Zazzle